In KETRACO we provide an array of diversified career opportunities to help in the discovering and nurturing of employees’’ skills and talents. We avail a platform to continuously build on knowledge and expertise in order to be exceptional in what we do.

With a diverse and inclusive workforce, all our employees feel accepted and valued. KETRACO believes in a multicultural representation that plays a significant role in interaction across cultural barriers during our quest to fulfil our profound mandate.

KETRACO is dedicated to positively impact the lives of its customers. As a company, we advocate for good customer service because we, at all times, always work towards leaving our customers satisfied. Beyond grid matters, we have expanded our jurisdiction to improve the well-being of humanity and impact society to be better through various community engagement programmes. For us, it is all about positively impacting the well-being of humanity and improve quality of lives of our customers and stakeholders. We value humanity.

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