22 Jan 2018

The Kenya Electricity Transmission Company Limited (KETRACO’s) 132kV Kisii-Awendo transmission line has been energized. Energization refers to the act of supplying an electrical plant with power. This ensures that electrical power is transmitted from one point to another.

The energization of 132kV Kisii-Awendo transmission line and the 132/33kV Awendo substation means that the area will now be supplied with a 132kV line from existing Kegati substation that is within the environs of Kisii town. Previously, the area was being supplied by a 33kV line that was unreliable and resulted in losses.

With the replacement of the long 33kV line that was susceptible to faults that resulted in power outages, Kisii and Awendo will experience reduced power outages and an increased reliability of supply. Secondly, the line promises improved quality of power: it will increase the stability of the voltage with the use of power transformer voltage regulation functionality coupled with reduced lengths of the feeders.

Thirdly, with the existence of both the old 33kV and the just energized 132kV lines, there will be redundancy in terms of supply. What this means is that during the periods when the 132kV line is switched off for maintenance, the 33kV feeders will act as alternatives that will supply the areas with uninterrupted power.

Looking back, KETRACO has created employment opportunities for locals during the construction phase of the line. With reliable electricity now having been achieved, this acts as an incentive for the establishment of key industries. “Not only establishment but the expansion of Companies including South Nyanza Sugar Firm (Sony Sugar) which serves more than 25,000 cane farmers will be witnessed thereby increasing employment opportunities and growing our economy. Sony Sugar alone serves cane farmers in cane growing zones of Homabay, Gucha, Transmara, Kuria, Migori, Uriri, Rongo, Kisii South, Ndhiwa and Awendo, a clear indication that with reliable electiricity, many more Kenyans stand to benefit,” observed KETRACO MD, FCPA Fernandes Barasa.

He further reiterated that the Sugar Firm, having access to additional and efficient power can undertake to optimize the value chain in sugar agri-business through commercialization of other derivatives from the sugar manufacturing process. These include ethanol production, water bottling, briquettes production, and co-generation.